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In response to the federal Higher Education Amendments of 1992, the University of Minnesota has established a refund policy that follows the federal regulations with flexibility to serve both day school and Continuing Education students. Refunds are available until Monday of the fifth week of classes.

Week one of both fall and spring semesters ends the following week, on the same day of the week that classes began. This allows Continuing Education students whose first course meeting is Monday of week two in spring semester at least one day of class before a penalty for cancellation is imposed.

Students are entitled to a full or partial refund or credit of tuition, student services fees, and special course fees as indicated in the appropriate refund schedule.

The Office of Admissions, the Office of Financial Aid, the Business Services Office and the Registrar's Office work together to verify the date of cancellation. Any aid that has been received by the student is recovered first, as required by the aid programs involved. The Business Office cashier either processes a refund to or collects the balance from the student depending upon remaining funds and outstanding obligations to the University. Refund examples are available upon request by contacting the Office of Financial Aid.

Students participating in approved study abroad or student teaching, internships, or other individual projects at remote off-campus locations may be granted a waiver of the student services fees (with the exception of nonrefundable fees) for the period of their absence from the campus. Students should contact the registrar for further information on student services fee waivers. Prorated room and board rebates are also available in many cases. See the Student Life Handbook for details.