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Liberal Arts and Human Services

Description of Major
The program's three main purposes are to provide a firm liberal arts basis for understanding individual human behavior in its social context; provide the liberal arts foundation for professional work in baccalaureate-level human services occupations such as counseling, casework, personnel work, and administration of human services in federal and state agencies, private businesses, or professional organizations; and prepare students for graduate work in the human services professions.

A liberal arts education and study in a particular major will lead to the acquisition of a group of skills which enable one to solve problems, communicate effectively, and perform complicated tasks. These skills are essential in any career. The following is a list of important and commonly agreed upon career skills identified by UMM faculty as a part of the project to Improve Public Understanding of Liberal Learning (IMPULL). The skills are those which all or most students are likely to acquire through classroom instruction, co-curricular or extra-curricular activities. These skills are likely to be acquired regardless of major or discipline:

Leadership/Management Skills:
- ability to work self-directedly
- analyzing
- identifying problems and needs
- identifying priorities and parameters
- predicting and evaluating future trends
and patterns
- identifying the critical issues and making
decisions quickly and accurately
- conceptualizing
- applying data
- taking risks
- organizing
- initiating projects or ideas
- making and keeping a schedule
- making decisions


Communication/Writing Skills:
- comprehending written material
- describing objects or events with a
minimum of factual errors
- writing factual material clearly and
- identifying and communicating value
judgments effectively
- writing effectively
- demonstrating premises and reasoning
to their conclusion
- summarizing
- reporting accurately


Research/Analytical Skills:
- sorting data and objects
- using library and research facilities
- gathering information
- perceiving and defining cause and effect
- applying appropriate methods to test
the validity of data
-the ability to analyze the
interrelationships of events and ideas from several perspectives
- compiling and selecting information
- analyzing and evaluating ideas and
- reading
- reviewing large amounts of material and
extraction essence
- using a variety of sources of information
- formulating questions to clarify a
particular problem or issue


Jobs Obtained by UMM LAHS Graduates
Studies conducted by the UMM Career Center have shown that graduates obtain jobs that are both related to their major and jobs that may not be formally related to the major. Approximately 73% of the LAHS graduates from 1975-1998 said their job was in the same field or related to their undergraduate degree. Other studies have shown that liberal arts graduates find employment that makes use of their skills, special knowledge, values, and interests, even though the employment field may not be related to their academic major. Listed below are some jobs obtained by UMM Liberal Arts for the Human Services graduates:

Activities Director
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Specialist
Airport and Land Use Planner
Appeals Officer
Bank Liquidator
Business Owner
Call Center Supervisor
Career Counselor
Case Manager/Counselor
Case Worker
Center Director
Chemical Dependency Counselor
Child Protection Social Worker
Child Support Officer
College Cohort Facilitator/Advisor
Community Health Specialist
Corrections Expert
County Financial Worker
Customer Service Coordinator
Customer Service Representative
Database Specialist
Daycare Provider
Daycare Teacher
Early Childhood Teacher
Educational Case Manager
Elementary Ed. Bilingual tutor
Emergency Shelter Supervisor
Employee Development Specialist
Employment Interviewer
Executive Assistant
Executive Director
Field Compensation Rep.
Group Home Supervisor
Guardian ad litem
Health Planner
Human Resources
Human Services Counselor
Human Services Manager
Human Services Technician
In-Home Case Worker
Judicial Assistant
Law Clerk
Library Technician
Licensing and Contracting Specialist
Loan Officer
Market Planner
Mental Health Practitioner
Mental Health Worker
Montessori Teacher
Office Manager
Paralegal/Office Manager
Payroll Clerk
Personal Caretaker
Police Officer
Post Secondary Counselor
Preschool Teacher
Probation Officer
Program Administrator
Program Coordinator
Program Counselor
QMRP-Program Coordinator
Recreation Services Director
Registered Nurse
Rehab Exercise Physiologist
Research Assistant
Resident Coordinator
Resident Services Coordinator
Retirement Representative
School Guidance Counselor
School Psychologist
School To Work Instructor
Sign Language Interpreter
Social Services Administrator
Social Services Director
Social Studies Teacher
Social Worker
Software Sales
Student Personnel Worker
Support Facilitator
Technical College Instructor
Teen Court Coordinator
Therapeutic Rec. Director
Transportation Broker
University Lecturer
Waivered Services Administrator
Wellness Coordinator
Youth counselor
Youth Program Director


There are many occupations that do not require a specific undergraduate major; they are often learned as a result of on-the-job training rather than prior education. What is sought among prospective employees is the development of certain skills and abilities that can be developed not only through an academic major but through courses taken as part of one's general education, and through internships, directed studies, tutorials, seminars, study abroad, work-study and summer employment, and volunteer experiences.

Graduate/Professional Schools in LAHS
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