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Description of Major
Modern society demands liberally educated managers who work in business firms, government agencies, and non-profit oriented organizations. They are entrusted with managing the financial, material, and human resources of their organizations so as to produce the maximum benefits for their investors, employees, and society as a whole. Studies in management focus on those areas of human knowledge that deal with the operation of modern business enterprises and other organizations. In addition to developing competencies in the use of the social and mathematical sciences, students majoring or minoring in this field are expected to learn to critically examine businesses and other institutions from the perspectives of philosophy, the social and natural sciences, and the arts and humanities.

A liberal arts education and study in a particular major will lead to the acquisition of a group of skills which enable one to solve problems, communicate effectively, and perform complicated tasks. These skills are essential in any career. The following is a list of important and commonly agreed upon career skills identified by UMM management faculty as a part of the project to Improve Public Understanding of Liberal Learning (IMPULL). The skills are those which all or most students studying management are likely to acquire through classroom instruction, co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.

Leadership/Management Skills:
- judging
- ability to work self-directedly
- making decisions
- analyzing
- identifying problems and needs
- identifying priorities and parameters
- organizing
-managing time, energy and resources
- conceptualizing
- initiating projects or ideas
- making and keeping a schedule
- identifying alternative courses of action
-unwillingness to automatically accept the
status quo


Communication/Writing Skills:
- comprehending written material
- demonstrating premises and reasoning
to their conclusion


Research/Analytical Skills:
- sorting data and objects
- cataloging information
- understanding and using organizing
-manipulating information using expertise
in computer skills
- gathering information
- perceiving and defining cause and effect
- reading
-economic research and analysis
-breaking down principles into parts
-organizing and classifying
- compiling and selecting information
- applying information creatively to solve
specific problems
- evaluating information against
appropriate standards
- reviewing large amounts of material and
extraction essence
-manipulating information using expertise in mathematics
-using numbers as a reasoning tool


Artistic/Creative Skills:
- visualizing spatial relationships  


Technical/Manual Skills:
- using computers - doing detailed and accurate work


Additional Skills, or Skills Peculiar to the History Discipline:
- analyzing trade-offs


Jobs Obtained by UMM Business/Management Graduates
Studies conducted by the UMM Career Center have shown that graduates obtain jobs that are both related to their major and jobs that may not be formally related to the major. Over 82% of the management (business) graduates from 1964-1998 said their job was in or related to their undergraduate major. Other studies have shown that liberal arts graduates find employment that makes use of their skills, special knowledge, values, and interests, even though the employment field may not be related to their academic major. Listed below are some jobs obtained by UMM management graduates:

Account Administrator
Account Executive
Account Manager
Account Representative
Accounting Administrator
Accounting Assistant
Accounting Comptroller
Accounting Manager
Accounting Team Leader
Accounts Payable/Billing
Administrative Assistant
Agricultural Leasing Sales Management
Assistant Controller
Assistant MIS Director
Assistant Portfolio Manager
Associate Loans/Banking Manager
Bank Examiner
Bank Internal Auditor
Bank Operations Manager
Bank Teller
Banker - Loans
Banker - Customer Service
Banking Analyst
Banking - Sales
Benefit Manager
Branch Manager
Business Analyst
Business Consultant
Business Education Teacher
Business Manager
Business Owner
Buying and Billing Office Manager
Catastrophic Insurance Analysis
Casino General Manager Trainee
Catering Director
Certified Public Accountant
Chain Store Manager
Charge Back Specialist
Chief Budget Analyst
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Claims Adjuster
Claims Examiner
Claims Supervisor
Client Service Representative
Collection Officer
Commercial Banking Manager
Commercial Loan Analyst
Commodity Broker
Commodity Merchandiser
Communications Coordinator
Computer Analyst
Computer Consultant
Computer Programmer
Computer Support Technician
Consultant Associate
Consumer Foods Marketing Researcher
Consumer Regulation Bank Examiner
Contract Auditor
Controller Office Manager
Correctional Counselor
Corrections Officer
Cost Accountant
Credit Analyst
Credit Care Risk Manager
Credit Manager
Crop Insurance Underwriter
Customer Service Representative
Dairy Buyer
Data Administrator
Data Processing
Database Analyst
Database Technician
Debt Management Specialist
Department Manager
Directory Information Services
District Manager
Economic Developer
Economics Professor
Electronic Publisher
Employee Benefits Administrator
EMS Administrator
Energy Company Executive
Executive Search Vice President
Executive Secretary/Bookkeeper
Executive Team Leader
Farm Management Advisor
Finance Accounting
Finance Director
Finance Manager
Financial Advisor
Financial Aid Officer
Financial Analyst
Financial Buyer
Financial Consultant
Financial Executive
Financial Planner
Financial Worker (Social Services)
Flight Attendant
Freelance Court Reporter
Funeral Director
General Manager
Grain Broker
Grain Elevator Manager
Grain Warehouseman
Health Claims Approver
Healthcare Administrator
Healthcare Executive Search Vice President
Hog Buyer
Hotel Catering Director
Hotel Manager
Human Resources Director
Information and Technology Services Director
Information Center Consultant
Information Systems Specialist
Information Technology Specialist
Information/Corporation Analyst
Information Specialist
Insurance Bond Agent Sales
Insurance Claims Representative
Insurance Representative
Insurance Underwriter
Internal Auditor
Investment Consultant
Law Clerk
Law Firm Administrator
Lead Software Engineer
Litigation Support
Loan Officer
Loss Control Representative
Loss Prevention Administrator
Management Analyst
Marketing Director
Marketing Manager
Marketing Research Analyst
Marketing Research Manager
Marketing Specialist
Marketing Supervisor
Merchandise Analyst Technician
Merchant Banking Analyst Consultant
Military Officer
Milk Purchaser/Sourcing
Money Manager
Mortgage Banker
Mortgage Processor
Mortgage Underwriter
Mutual Funds Verifier
Office Manager
Operations Analyst
Operations Coordinator
Operations Manager
Outreach Program Administrator
Parks and Recreation Manager/Director
Payroll Administrator
Payroll Clerk
Personal Banker
Physician Billing Specialist
Plan Administrator
Plan Associate
Plant Manager
Police Officer
Postal Clerk
Press Worker
Product Manager
Production Planner/Manager
Professor of Economics
Program Manager
Programmer Analyst
Project Leader
Project Litigation Manager
Publishing Manager
Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Representative
Real Estate Property Manager
Regional Underwriting Manager
Rental Representative
Research Assistant
Resort Owner
Restaurant Owner
Retail Manager
Risk Analyst
Risk Manager
Sales Assistant
Sales Audit Supervisor
Sales Manager
Sales Manufacturer
Sales Representative
Securities Analyst
Security Officer
Senior Account Rep.
Senior Accountant
Senior Auditor
Senior Buyer
Service Manager
Shipping Department Manager
Shipping Supervisor
Social Worker
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Software Researcher and Developer
Staff Economist
Staffing Manager
System Controller
Systems Analyst
Tax Accountant
Tax Auditor
Team Leader
Technical and Computer
Technical Specialist
Technology Coordinator
Title Clerk
Title Closer
Tour Operator
Trust Associate
VP Corporation Development
Welfare Programs Reviewer


There are many occupations that do not require a specific undergraduate major; they are often learned as a result of one-the-job training rather than prior education. What is sought among prospective employees is the development of certain sills and abilities that can be developed not only through an academic major but through courses taken as part of one’s general education, and through internships, directed studies, tutorials, seminars, study abroad, work-study and summer employment, and volunteer experiences.

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