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Description of Major
The sociology curriculum (with support from anthropology courses) is designed to acquaint students with the concerns, theories, and methods of the science that deals with groups, culture, and interpersonal relations of human beings. In addition to an introduction to sociology as a science, an effort is made to relate human values broadly to the theories, methods, and data of sociology. The courses are designed to meet the needs of liberal arts students as well as students preparing for graduate school.

A liberal arts education and study in a particular major will lead to the acquisition of a group of skills which enable one to solve problems, communicate effectively, and perform complicated tasks. These skills are essential in any career. The following is a list of important and commonly agreed upon career skills identified by UMM faculty as a part of the project to Improve Public Understanding of Liberal Learning (IMPULL). The skills are those which all or most students are likely to acquire through classroom instruction, co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.

Jobs Obtained by UMM Sociology Graduates
Studies conducted by the UMM Career Center have shown that graduates obtain jobs that are both related to their major and jobs that may not be formally related to the major. About 59% of the sociology graduates from 1964-1998 said their job was in the same field or related to their undergraduate major. Other studies have shown that liberal arts graduates find employment that makes use of their skills, special knowledge, values, and interests, even though the employment field may not be related to their academic major. Listed below are some jobs obtained by UMM sociology graduates:

Activities Director
Administrative Assistant
Adolescent Treatment Program Manager
Advertising Account Executive
After School Program Supervisor
Agricultural Research Technician
Army Officer
Bank Account Manager
Budget Analyst
Building Contractor
Business Owner
Career Center Assistant Director
Certified Nursing Assistant
Chemical Dependency Counselor
Child Care Center Director
Civil Engineer
Claims Representative
Clinical Therapist
Collection Officer
College Administrator
Commodities Trader/Broker
Communication Manager
Community Health Director
Community Living Coordinator
Community Organizer
Contract Services Representative
Correctional Officer
Data Processing Supervisor
Director of Public School Work
Education Administrator
Educational Advisor
Employment Counselor
Extension Educator
Family Counselor
Financial Worker
Fishing Guide/Writer
General Manager
Geographic Information Systems Technician
Government Administration
Home Health Aide
Human Resources Assistant
Human Resources Manager
Human Services
Human Services Manager
Human Services Program Coordinator
Income Maintenance Program Consultant
Information Technology Manager
Insurance Sales
Internet Support Supervisor
Job Coach
Legal Assistant
Library Information Specialist
Marketing Associate
Marketing Manager
Massage Therapist
Mental Health Advocate
Mental Health D.D.
Mental Health Practitioner
Mental Health Worker
Mental Retardation Specialist
Military Officer
Non-Profit Operations Manager
Nursing Home Activities Director
Nursing Home Social Worker
Office Manager
Operations Manager
Park Ranger
Placement Coordinator
Probation Officer
Product Manager
Production Control Manager
Program Coordinator
Radiological Technician
Real Estate Agent
Registered Nurse
Rehabilitation Consultant
Rehabilitation Counselor
Rehabilitation Supervisor
Research Analyst
Research Coordinator
Research Fellow
Residential Facility Executive Director
School Administrator
Social Security Claims Rep.
Social Services Claims Rep.
Social Services Consultant
Social Services Contract Manager
Social Services Fund Development
Social Services Supervisor
Social Worker
Software Developer
Special Education Teacher
Store Manager
Student Affairs Worker
Student Development Coordinator
Student Finance Presenter/Trainer
Support Services Manager
Teaching Assistant
Television Commercial Writer
Teen Parent Coordinator
Union Business Agent
University Professor
Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Program Director
Vocational Rehabilitation Manager
Vocational Teaching Specialist
Zoning Administrator


There are many occupations that do not require a specific undergraduate major; they are often learned as a result of one-the-job training rather than prior education. What is sought among prospective employees is the development of certain sills and abilities that can be developed not only through an academic major but through courses taken as part of one’s general education, and through internships, directed studies, tutorials, seminars, study abroad, work-study and summer employment, and volunteer experiences.

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