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Freshman Year Self Assessment

There are two general methods you may use to identify and analyze your personal skills: (a) recognition of skills formal checklist; (b) recall key life experiences, and extraction of skills from these experiences. We shall see in the suggested table of Skills X Achievements, your results from these two exercises can be "skillfully" integrated.

EXERCISE: Skills Identification Checklist
(a) Look through the list of functional (liberal) skills on the following pages. Check each one that you feel you have demonstrated to your own satisfaction;
(b) Check only those skills that you enjoy using;
(c) It is not necessary that your excel in a particular skill area in order to check it. You qualify for the skill if you believe that you are somewhat better than people of your age and experience.
(d) Rank these skills in two ways, 1-according to how much you enjoy them, 2-according to how prominent the strength is compared to others on your list (these two sets of rankings should correlate rather closely).

Functional Skills

  • Writing
    copy writing for sales
    creative writing, prose, poetry, expository writing, essays, reports,
    memo writing, writing for a popular audience. (journalism)
  • Representing
    representing an employer to the public
  • Making Layouts
    for printed media, newspapers, etc. for public displays, as in posters
  • Sketching
    pictures of things, people, diagrams, charts, other symbols
  • Assembling
    technical apparatus or equipment items of information into a coherent
  • Using Instruments
    of a scientific nature, of a medical nature, related to motion, transportation
  • Inspecting
    physical objects, to meet standards
    people, to determine criteria, or detect information
  • Appraising
    evaluating programs or services, judging the value of property, evaluating performance of individuals
  • Editing
    newspaper, magazine pieces, book manuscripts, other manuscripts
  • Administering
    a department of people, programs, a specific activity, such as a test
  • Deciding
    making decisions about the use of money, making decisions involving the physical safety of others, making decisions about alternative courses of action
  • Classifying
    sorting information into categories, deciding about placement of people into programs
  • Researching
    Extracting information from library, obtaining information directly from people, obtaining information from physical data
  • Analyzing
    quantitative data, statistical data, physical or scientific data,
    human/social situations
  • Rewriting
    technical language into popular form,
    revising articles or manuscripts
  • Timing
    Organizing time efficiently so that many tasks are completed in finite time period, arranging an event so that it occurs are precisely the right moment
  • Coordinating
    numerous events involving different people, great quantities of information, activities in different physical locations events in time sequence
  • Auditing
    assessing the financial status of an organization
  • Recruiting
    attempting to acquire the services of people for an organization
  • Interviewing
    evaluating applicants to an organization
    obtaining information from others
  • Processing
    the orderly flow of electronic data, introducing an individual to the procedures of an organization, identifying the human interactions taking place in a group, channeling information through a system
  • Investigating
    seeking information which individuals may attempt to keep secret,
    seeking the underlying causes for a problem
  • Corresponding
    answering inquiries by mail initiating letters with others, soliciting business by direct mail
  • Treating
    treating physical ailments of humans, animals
  • Controlling
    exercising financial control, crowd behavior, behavior of children environmental control operations
  • Protecting
    protecting people from physical harm,
    protecting property from people, building protective devices or equipment, preventing destructive natural phenomena
  • Observing
    physical phenomena with great accuracy, behavior of human beings, social/historical changes
  • Collecting
    money or services from people who owe items from widely scattered sources many items in a single class (e.g. stamps)
  • Interpreting
    other languages, obscure phrases or passages English, meaning associated with statistical data
  • Examining
    administering written tests, making a financial assessment, looking for physical/medical symptoms
  • Questioning
    obtaining evidence in legal situations, asking creative questions in fluid situations
  • Exhibiting
    showing publicly, or demonstrating
  • Distributing
    products to people personally, marketing products effectively, making them available to possible customers.
  • Record Keeping
    orderly keeping of numerical data records, keeping log of sequential information, creating and maintaining files, clear and accurate financial records, orderly record of services rendered
  • Speaking
    speaking publicly to an audience, speaking individually to many people, speaking on electronic media (radio, TV), speaking with clear diction
  • Serving
    providing a service to an individual, serving a product (e.g. food) to individuals
  • Advising
    giving financial counsel, advice, advice in an educational system
  • Measuring
    obtaining accurate scientific measurements
  • Mapping
    mapping geographical, physical boundaries and space, putting sequences of events into graphic form
  • Predicting
    forecasting physical phenomena, forecasting psychological/social events, forecasting the outcomes of contests, forecasting economic data
  • Coaching
    artistically (visual arts, performing arts) new ideas for an organization, new ways of solving mechanical problems, inventing new apparatus, equipment
  • Repairing
    mechanical devices, equipment furniture, doors, walls, etc.
  • Negotiating
    financial contracts, between individuals or groups in conflict
  • Committee Working
    Attaining objectives through committee processes, creating and implementing committee structures
  • Designing
    physical interiors of rooms, exteriors of buildings, plans involving processing of information
  • Printing
    using mechanical printing equipment, printing letters carefully by hand
  • Selling
    selling ideas to others personally, selling ideas with words, selling products to individual households, selling govt. policies to the public
  • Counseling
    helping people with personal/emotional concerns
    helping people with life development concerns; career, finances, etc.
    helping people with educational plans, helping people with family matters
  • Confronting
    obtaining decisions from reluctant dragons, giving bad news to others who are unwilling to disclose it, resolving personal conflicts with others
  • Politicking
    generating support for one's ideas within an organization, generating financial support form another agency or organization, attempting to influence policy within an organization or company
  • Explaining
    justifying one's actions to others, making obscure ideas clear to others
  • Planning
    anticipating future needs of a company or organization, scheduling a sequence of events, arranging an itinerary, for a trip
  • Obtaining Information
    from written sources, documents, from unwilling individuals
  • Preparing
    scientific equipment or specimens, written materials for a presentation
  • Promoting
    through written media, on a personal basis, one-to-one, arranging financial backing
  • Constructing
    mechanical apparatus, physical objects, furniture, etc., involving house construction or similar
  • Compiling
    gathering numerical, statistical data, accumulating facts in a given topic area
  • Setting Up
    arranging for a demonstration of some physical apparatus, getting people and things ready for a show, an exhibit, or such
  • Reviewing
    re-assessing the effects of a program, re-assessing the performance of an individual, evaluating a play, an exhibit, or such
  • Evaluating
    assessing a program to determine, its success in meeting its objectives,
    judging the performance of an individual
  • Calculating
    performing mathematical computations , assessing the risks of an
    activity that is contemplated
  • Translating
    expressing the words of one language in the words of another, reducing sophisticated language to simpler terms
  • Estimating
    judging the likely costs of an operation, projecting possibilities of future income, judging physical space accurately
  • Dispensing
    information to the public, materials, equipment, medicines, etc.
  • Displaying
    ideas in artistic form, pictures for public display, products in store windows, equipment, mechanical devices
  • Locating
    finding people who are missing, detecting missing information, identifying sources of help for others
  • Arranging
    social functions, events, meetings between specific people
  • Group Facilitating
    facilitating the positive interaction of members of a group, specific facilitation involving therapy
  • Recording
    numerical, quantitative data, scientific data, using instruments, using audio or video recorders
  • Operating
    scientific equipment, mechanical devices, vehicles, etc., electronic data equipment , computers, etc.
  • Handling Complaints
    from customers of retail stores, from stockholders of corporations, from citizens to government agencies, from parents of school or college students
  • Teaching
    in the school or college classrooms, individuals to perform certain tasks (training), tutoring individuals in certain subjects
  • Rehabilitating
    helping people to resume use of physical limbs, working with patients through non-physical media, such as art, music, etc.
  • Laboratory Working
    setting up scientific equipment, obtaining results from controlled experiments
  • Supervising
    directly overseeing the work of others in a white-collar setting, supervising laborers physical workers, overseeing a physical plant, building set of apartments etc.
  • Updating
    keeping a file of information up-to-date, completing historical record of a person, acquiring new information on an old topic
  • Proposal Writing
    for government funding, for revising in-house operations
  • Budgeting
    outlining the costs of a project, assuring that money will not be spent that exceeds available funds using money efficiently, economical
  • Developing Mathematical Models
    for scientific phenomena, for behavioral phenomena, for economic phenomena
  • Dramatizing
    business/commercial ideas