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UMM Home > Career Services > Career Planning & Decision Making > Stress/Time Management

Stress/Time Management

Pregraduation Planning and Research Chart

10-8 Months Prior
8-5 Months Prior
5-2 Months Prior
2-0 Months Prior
Evaluation of Knowledge and Skills

Define Job Duties

Research Job Opportunities

Determine Your Market Factors from list below:

-Geographic Areas
-Family Considerations
-Industry Preference
-Company Size

Research Sources of Information
Financial Planning

Continue Research

Decide Alternate Choices

Prepare Resume
Research Current Industry Literature

Join Professional Societies

Practice Interview Techniques

Formulate Search Methods

Begin Industry Contacts
Prepare Wardrobe

Prepare "In Person" Contact List

Read newspapers, Journals, etc.

Contact Agencies

Study Your Chosen Professional Skill Area

Obtain Work Reference Letter from Superior/Professors