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Values Questionnaire

1. Would you work if you didn't have to? Why?

2. In what kinds of work situations would you work harder than you ordinarily do?

3. Are there situations where you would work for less than normal pay? What would be
the compensating rewards?

4. If you could use your work to indulge in your favorite form of play, what would you be

5. What activities do you pursue when you have completely free time with no obligations?

6. If you were free to schedule your working time any way you like within a 7 day \ week,
what would your calendar look like?

7. People who work with me think that I am..............

8. Rank these sources of reward from work, according to their relative desirability to:

Money Money Money
Prestige Prestige Prestige
Security Security Security
Recognition Recognition Recognition
Independence Independence Independence

9. Which three values are your highest priorities?

10. Which three are your lowest priorities?

11. Are these priorities reflected in your current work? _____________

12. What conflicts or discrepancies do you see between your values and your work?

13. How would you like to change this situation?