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Career Services: An Overview

Career Services philosophy is "to teach students and alumni how to help
themselves in the establishment of career objectives and in the
implementation of procedures designed to satisfy career goals."

Services offered:

  1. Career Counseling and Guidance:
    One-to-one and group counseling and guidance will help you better understand how your education and life experiences relate to the world of work.

  2. Career Assessment:
    Written and computerized inventories are available at UMM to help you identify your career interests, values, and skills.

  3. Career Resource Center:
    Investigate occupational and employment opportunities through information available in the Career Resource Center.

  4. Career Related Field Experiences:
    Career experience can be obtained through credited internships. Internship opportunities are catalogued in the Career Resource Center. Career Services facilitates the Interdisciplinary Internship Program.

  5. Career Workshops and Special Programs:
    Workshops and special programs are offered throughout the year to help develop an awareness of career opportunities and job search strategies. Watch for special career activities with clubs, academic disciplines, and alumni groups.

  6. Placement Credentials File:
    Seniors should register with Career Services and establish a placement credentials file. The file includes a personal data sheet, academic subject area and credit sheet, and letters of recommendation from faculty and others. Credentials can be sent to prospective employers and/or graduate schools.

  7. Job Vacancy Listings:
    Career Services regularly receives job openings from business, industry, government, non-profit and educational employers. Separate job vacancy lists are regularly mailed to liberal arts and teachers candidates.

  8. Job Hunting Aids:
    Career Services maintains job search information on writing letters and resumes, employment and informational interviewing, conducting employment research, networking, among others. Books, video-tapes, and other printed materials are available.

  9. Interviews:
    Career Services will arrange on- or off-campus interviews for graduates who have identifiable career goals. Center staff will prepare graduates for interviews using video-tapes and mock interviews.

Career planning is a dynamic, developmental process that occurs over the life time of the individual. This process is an on-going activity that continues to feed on self-assessment, career exploration and placement activities. Career Services offers the above services to facilitatecareer development during and after the undergraduate college experience.

Liberal Arts and Careers:
"What can you do with a major in English . . . or political science . . or biology?"

Most assume that the major field is linked to employment. While the major has some influence on your career, it by no means completely determines it. "How do I prepare myself for a job that is unrelated (or related) to my undergraduate major?" There are many careers that do not require a specific undergraduate major; they are often learned as a result of on-the-job training rather than prior education. What is sought by prospective employers are certain skills and abilities that can be developed not only through your major but through the courses you take to supplement your major, internships, directed studies, tutorials, seminars, workstudy, summer employment and volunteer experiences. Talk to your faculty advisor or stop into Career Services to obtain more information.

Career Services
110 Briggs Library
University of Minnesota, Morris
Morris, MN 56267
(320) 589-6065