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Services Provided

Health Service provides:
• physician consultation
• medical treatment
• medications most often needed by students
• laboratory tests, including: hemoglobin, throat cultures, blood sugars, tuberculin tests, pap smears, STD & pregnancy tests
• confidential contraceptive advice & pregnancy counseling
• allergy shots

Services Not Provided
The Health Service provides only outpatient care. In-hospital medical treatment, emergency room care, and ambulance services are not provided. Non-routine laboratory tests and x-rays, which are not available in the Health Service, are not covered by the Health Service fee. Students are required to have medical insurance to help cover any such costs. Services of dentists, optometrists, etc., and of physicians not under contract with the Health Service are not covered by the Health Service fee. Prescriptions for birth control pills and other medications not stocked at Health Service may be filled at any local pharmacy.

The Stevens Traverse Grant Public Health Department does provide free family planning services through a government program. These services are available directly at the Stevens Traverse Grant Public Health clinic. To get more information or to make an appointment please call 1-877-275-6123.

The UMM Health Service clinic also provides family planning services. To find out which services we provide please read through the Services Provided information above or call UMM Health Service at 589-6070.

Medical records are confidential. No information is released to other UMM offices, to parents, or to anyone else without the student's written permission or a court order. If you would like a copy of your immunization/medical records from UMM please print a copy of the Release of Medical Records form and fax or mail to UMM Health Services.