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Fall 2013 registration underway
Posted by Judy Korn on Friday, Apr. 12, 2013
The following chart describes how fall registration "appointment" or "queue" times are distributed. Each student is assigned an "appointment" time. This is the first available time that the registration system will allow a student to register. A student may register any time after his/her appointment time. The letter of the alphabet used as the starting letter for assigning appointment times, based on a student's last name, changes each semester.

Stage 1:
Seniors*(90+ credits)
Day 1
1st half of 1st day
9AM - 12PM

Stage 2:
Juniors*(60-89 credits)
Day 1
2nd half of 1st day
12PM - 3PM
Day 2
all of 2nd day
9AM - 3PM
Day 3
all of 3rd day
9AM - 3PM

Stage 3:
Sophomores*(30-59 credits)
Day 4
all of 4th day
9AM - 3PM
Day 5
all of 5th day
9AM - 3PM
Day 6
all of 6th day
9AM - 3PM
Day 7
all of 7th day
9AM - 3PM

Stage 4:
Freshmen*(0-29 credits)
Day 8
most of 8th day
9AM - 2:30PM

Stage 5:
Day 8
final half hour of the last day
2:30PM - 3PM

*Registration/queue times are determined according to how many total credits the student has earned PLUS credits for courses in which students are currently enrolled.

*Advising holds are placed on students' records according to how many completed credits the student has earned.