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University Policy Library - comprehensive list including Senate approved policies - includes excellent 'search' function

Senate Policies - on the University Senate website
Board of Regents Policies
Policies unique to the Morris Campus
UMM Scholastic Committee campus policies: Advisor Approval to Register; Athletic Eligibility, Sunset Policy, Commencement Ceremony-participation in, deadlines, degree requirement exceptions and exemption

Class Excuse Policy -see also University Policy: Makeup Work for Legitimate Absences

Credit Maximum for Registration
Residential Life Policies and Guidelines
Classroom Scheduling Guidelines

Computing-ResNet Usage
Selected Policies from the Policy Library
Securing Private Data, Computers and Other Electronic Devices - effective August 2010
Managing Student Records -effective June 2005
Academic Probation and Suspension - updated January 2011
Using Email as Official Student Communication
Academic Calendars
Appropriate Student Use of Class Notes and Course Materials
Scheduling and Classrooms
Course Numbering
Class Scheduling - revised May 2011
Standard for Class schedule and Class Period
Course Enrollment Limits and Cancellation
Classroom Management
Use of Personal Electronic Devices in the Classroom
Holds on Records and Registration
Time Conflict- Enrolling in Overlapping or Back to Back Classes
Establishing, Enforcing, and Waiving Prerequisites
Directed Study, Directed Readings, and Directed Research Courses
Mandatory Attendance at First Class Session
Teaching and Learning: Student Responsibilites - revised July 2010
Teaching and Learning: Instructor and Unit Responsibilities - revised April 2009
Scheduling Examinations, Final Examinations, and Study Days
Degrees and Graduation
Timely Graduation by Undergraduates
Transfer of Undergraduate Credit
Declaring a Major
Campus Specific Credit Requirements for an Undergraduate (Baccalaureate) Degree (formerly "Residency")
Credit and Grade Point Requirement for an Undergraduate Degree
Credit for Nationally-Recognized Exams for Undergraduate Students - effective May 2011 (includes portion of previous policy for Special Exams)
Withholding Diplomas and Official Transcripts from Students
Academic Integrity
Student Education Records
Managing Student Records

Assuring Student Rights Regarding Education Records

Accessing and Using Student Education Records
Releasing Student Information
Responding to Authorizations to Disclose Student Records
Students Managing Their Education Records
Student Education Records
Internal Access to University Information
Public Access to University Information
Managing University Records and Information
Retention of University Records
Disposal of University Records
Online Privacy Statement