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Wait Lists

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Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty: Wait List Processing

Faculty are asked to respond to wait lists before the semester begins. Any class with "reserved seats" plus a wait list must have all students on the wait list removed before reserved seats will become available for other students to register for.

Students may continue to get on a wait list through the 5th day of classes each term.

Go to UMReports/Mangement Reporting at:

Once logged in (and if you have not customized your home page), type 'My Classes' next to the Search Reports tab located in the upper right-hand corner.

Clicking on the 'My Classes' link will take you directly to the list of classes (with enrollment) where you are assigned as the primary or secondary instructor.

If there is a waiting list for your class, there will be a Wait List link within the class list in the upper right-hand corner.

For students you wish to allow in there are two things you can do:

1. Assign the student a permission number from your list of permission numbers and notify the student via email.
2. Send e-mail to <Jeri Squier > listing the students you want to let in.

A word of caution: Be sure to check the number of seats for the class before allowing students in your cours, permission numbers will override the maximums established.


The online Wait Listing Option can be found through the Class Schedule and online Registration System. If a UMM course has a wait list option, it will be indicated after the course in the online Class Schedule. Students will be able to get on the Wait List by going through the Registration System.

Wait listing provides functionality for students to indicate an interest in a class that has reached it's seating capacity. As this is done within the same system they use to enroll, there are benefits to both students and instructors, since this replaces manual systems used in the past; the student no longer needs to interrupt their registration process to wait list. Instructors have daily access to their Wait Lists. Wait listing also helps in tracking demand for classes and sections.