University of Minnesota Morris

Kickoff Event

Why did you choose to work at UMM? What experience here has encouraged you to stay? What can we do to make it even better? How do you imagine UMM?

These were some of the questions asked of the participants in our kickoff event on Wednesday October 19th from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

We were very excited to have Bliss Browne return to UMM to facilitate this event. Many of remembered Ms. Browne from this past summer's third annual Symposium on Small Towns, for which she was the keynote speaker. She is internationally known and has led visioning events around the world. Her work is powerful and invigorating.

The insights we gathered will be used to help formulate goals and the direction in which we want to take UMM. Imagine UMM was born, in part, as a result of the University of Minnesota 's strategic effort to "Transform the U" into one of the top three public research institutions in the world. At UMM, the Campus Resources and Planning Committee was asked to serve as our strategic positioning task force.

Feedback from the event