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Welcome to Student Affairs!

Our Mission
Student Affairs creates and implements student programs and services that develop student potential and extend UMM's liberal arts mission beyond the classroom.

UMM's engaged students live an exciting integrated undergraduate experience.

Virtually every UMM student participates actively in campus and community life.

During their time at UMM, nine out of ten of our recent graduates:

  • voted in a federal or state election
  • attended live music performances
  • participated in UMM clubs and activities.

The vast majority of UMM grads also attended plays, visited the art gallery, attended Cougar athletic events, participated in community service activities, and spoke a language other than English outside the classroom.

Finding this breadth of engagement and participation is a rare thing on a college campus. It's normal student life at UMM.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Sandra Olson-Loy

At UMM, you have the opportunity to pursue adventure, think creatively and make your education your own. Student Affairs staff are ready to help you find your niche on campus. We'll partner with you to create a great living environment, build community, have fun, experience great learning and development opportunities, address your health and life needs, and meet your personal and educational goals. We're ready to help you create an exceptional liberal arts experience.

Please contact us by visiting the individual Student Affairs offices and programs or by visiting the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, 309 Behmler Hall or calling 320-589-6013. We look forward to working with you.
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