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UMM Catalyst: Funding extraordinary opportunities

Extraordinary opportunities create life-changing experiences. UMM Catalyst, established in 2004, enhances the successful undergraduate co-curricular experiences of UMM students. The fund is supported by gifts from UMM faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends.
  • Funds may be used to cover expenses for costs associated with the pursuit of life-changing undergraduate co-curricular opportunities. Requests should be for extraordinary opportunities.

  • The potential impact of the program should be beyond the significant experiences in undergraduate conference and travel offered regularly by UMM student groups.

  • All degree-seeking UMM students enrolled for six credits or more and in good academic standing are eligible to participate.

  • Funds will be distributed annually by the vice chancellor for student affairs, with the amount of dollars distributed and the number of recipients to be determined each year according to the vice chancellor for student affairs discretion and the amount of funding available.

Catalyst funds have been allocated to:
  • Send two students with a passion for politics to their respective Democratic/Republican national convention in 2004.

  • Support for expenses related to recording of a student's original composition for the annual ERM Media CD titled Masterworks of the New Era.

Are you a UMM student dreaming about an extraordinary opportunity? If Catalyst funds could help make your biggest dream a reality, contact the Office of Student Affairs for more information.
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