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UMM's strategic positioning process celebrates our successes in student engagement and raises the bar for "the UMM experience" of the future. We will increase involvement in key UMM student learning initiatives - service learning, study abroad, civic engagement, green campus initiatives and more - for nearly all Morris graduates. We will prepare interculturally competent graduates equipped for lives of leadership and service in a diverse, global society.

Here are some of the key initiatives underway to make this vision a reality.

  • Morris Healthy Eating: Student Affairs is leading a college health coalition to expand access to, and availability of, fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods on campus, within greater Morris, and in Stevens County. UMM will receive funding from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota's (Blue Cross) tobacco settlement proceeds to promote healthier eating and thereby help to improve the health of Minnesotans.

  • Service Learning and Civic Engagement - Through a growing web of interconnected civic engagement opportunities UMM students address community priorities, meet course goals, develop new skills and understanding, and engage in deep learning.

  • Student Engagement Planner and Portfolio - Students in six UMM programs participated in a 2007-08 portfolio pilot documenting their engagement, service and leadership experiences. When fully implemented, the planner will help students find and connect with engagement opportunities and provide a life-long online tool documenting civic engagement, public service, and leadership experience.

  • Student Retention and Success
    • Academic Alert: Academic Alert provides early intervention and coordinated support for students who are academically at risk, advancing UMM's goals of student success, retention and graduation. This Scholastic Committee, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs initiative builds on long-time work of the Multi-Ethnic Student Program.

      Life planning student support: Work is underway for more integrated and strengthened efforts. UMM leadership with a UM system team established an all-UM Job Fair and is extending online internship and career tools to all UM students through Gold Pass II. A new French senior capstone project includes life and career planning experiences.

      Support for Students with Psychological Disabilities: Disabilities Services, Health Service, Student Counseling, Student Affairs, and the Asst. Academic Dean are working together to coordinate resources and support for students, faculty and staff.

  • Green Residence Hall/Green Prairie Living and Learning Community: A planning team is meeting to create a green living environment for 60-80 UMM students to open in Fall 2010. The facility will enhance campus living options, advance student learning and support summer programs.
    Green campus initiatives, including local foods

  • Integrated multicultural campus life and interculturally competent graduates: UMM's strategic plan has a strong, clear vision for intercultural competence for all grads, faculty and staff; an inclusive, contemporary multicultural campus life structure; and a diverse, inclusive student experience and campus community. Work is underway to bring realize this vision.
    5-page PDF document summarizing strategic positioning diversity and equity goals

  • First Year Experience: An integrated communication and support process is being implemented for entering students. An on-line new student portal will build on the "New Student Guide." In 2007-08, a disappearing task force comprised of members of the Student Services Committee and Curriculum Committee subcommittees examined and made recommendations for cohesive year-long FYE. Action is underway on these recommendations.