Hire a Student

Positions must be posted on our online employment system.  Please use our guide when posting positions.  Supervisors and hiring unit coordinators are in charge of posting positions, interviewing applicants, and completing the Student Employment Contract.

A Student Employment Contract must be completed by the hiring department for each position a student obtains. The amount requested on the contract should be obtained by using the appropriate Pay Rate Table. Contracts must be signed by the supervisor, hiring unit coordinator, and student. A separate contract is required for summer contracts.  When changes are needed to an existing contract, notify the Student Employment Coordinator.  By signing the contract all parties are agreeing to the rules and regulations in the Student Employment Handbook.

If the student has never had a student employment position before they must complete the I-9/W-4 process and provide student payroll documents  to the Student One Stop.

You and the student will be notified via email when they can begin working at their contracted position and they will also receive access to the Student Employment Time Sheet. The student is not eligible to work or enter hours before that time.

Highly encourage your student employees to set up direct deposit – they can do this on the  Employee Self-Service website. They can also use this site to view their pay statements, update their W-4 tax information, reprint their W-2, and update their personal information.

Return all completed Student Employment Contracts to the Student One Stop.