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A liberal arts educationat Morris is an ideal foundation for a career—especially one in sustainability.

We see our liberal arts mission as a natural fit with sustainability. The qualities of a liberal arts education—critical thinking, broad knowledge base, problem solving, and creativity—are precisely the qualities that will help solve the sustainability challenges ahead.

Morris: A Renewable, Sustainable Education

Sustainability is rooted in the idea of balance and a thoughtful approach to problems—an activity must not exhaust the resources it needs to continue; a solution to a problem must consider its full impacts.

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At Morris, the goal is to study widely, work across disciplines, and step back to look at the big picture.

“I didn’t have a real understanding of what liberal arts education meant until my classes were in motion. You start to see themes across different fields with various professors. Even biology and management are related. Your experience at Morris encourages you to pull from everything you’ve learned and all facets of life.”


In an increasingly complex world confronting problems that will require broad-based knowledge and flexible solutions, a liberal arts education is well-suited to someone interested in a career in sustainability, or for anyone who wants to be conversant in the issues facing our planet.

“I’ve learned the world is not black and white—there’s a lot of gray. You must listen to other arguments and accept people even when you disagree with their opinions.”


Sustainability is an important part of our academic offerings and is integrated into most of our disciplines.

In addition to our curricula, Morris faculty members are pursuing research and projects across the spectrum of sustainability issues:

Morris has a strong commitment to leadership in sustainable academics, and we continue to develop and expand our work and offerings in this important field.