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  • Sustainability staff

The Morris Office of Sustainability has a vision to see the Morris campus and community grow as a model of sustainability principles, practice and excellence.

We work collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, and community partners to advance our shared sustainability aspirations. MOOS works in the following areas: communication, accountability and reporting, communications and messaging, on-campus engagement, education and training, faculty and staff support, innovation of new programs, outreach and engagement, and creating culture change.

We are also a clearinghouse for all kinds of information on sustainability efforts at Morris and in the community. stop by our office. We can help you get involved on campus, whether you want to join an effort that is ongoing or you have some ideas of your own. We can also direct you to resources that can help with individual efforts, like recycling, carpooling, and more.

Meet the Office of Sustainability

Troy Goodnough: Sustainability Director


Sustainability is important to me because I want to live a “good” life. I think sustainability-thinking helps me to lead a more intentional, purposeful, and joyful life. I believe that my actions have consequences. My actions affect: the people around me, people around the world I don’t know, future generations, and the ecosystems that make life possible for me and all living things. I hope there is a way to harmonize my everyday living with these considerations.

I am interested in Aikido, learning new things, good process, and civility.

Katy Evenson: Sustainability Events Intern


Sustainability means quite a lot to me; I grew up always having a large garden, line-drying our family's clothes and keeping a very large compost bin, and never thought for a second that any of these things were strange or something that we shouldn't be doing. This lifestyle of my childhood has carried over into how I think about ecology and conservation today; that sustainability is something that is lived every day, not just at our convenience. It’s important that we leave this planet as good or better than when we got here.

I’m interested in cooking, baking, knitting, learning new things and thoughtful citizenship of my community (globally and locally).

Sophie Bishop: Climate Education Intern


Sustainability is important to me because everything we do affects the earth and I want to make a positive impact. I grew up being outside for most of the day and I want the next generations to experience the beauty of the world like I did.

I like to four wheel, play video games, read, climb trees, swim, and be with friends and family.

Katie Ledermann: Systemwide and Statewide Sustainability Leadership Fellow


I am passionate about sustainability because I want to do as much as I can to protect the beautiful places in this world so that I and others can enjoy them for years to come.

I love just about anything and everything that involves being outdoors, especially skiing, running, hiking, camping, exploring new places, and being in the sun and water.

Austin Peterson: Data and Reporting Intern


Sustainability is an important concept to me because it is an idea that can help bring people together for the greater good. People can rally around the idea of creating an environment that future generations can enjoy. Preserving our environment and working to develop clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels is not only extremely important, but very interesting as well. Everyday people are finding new ways to help create a more sustainable international community. Creating a sustainable environment and developing new ideas to make a better world for tomorrow is a passion of mine. It is an incredible feeling when everyone is able to put aside their differences and come together to solve a problem, and this is something that sustainability helps achieve. I believe that sustainable thinking and ideology is the backbone to any healthy functioning society.

I enjoy playing sports, hanging out with friends and family, exploring new places, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Martin Zais: Compositing Coordination Intern


Sustainability is about making mindful choices. The Latin root for sustainability is made up of sustinere, which translates tenere, to hold, and sub, up. The Latin root word implies effortful action on our part. Economically, socially, environmentally, and relationally impacts must all be considered in the susty stew. To me sustainability is doing the best with what I am given. I am passionate about this work because I want to protect the wild places.

I enjoy enlightened forms of transportation such as bicycling, foot-travel, and rail-travel. I like exploring new places and being in nature. I like learning new processes, activities, and why things are the way they are.

Katie Hosch: Engagement and Data Intern


Sustainability, for humans, is the practice of sustainable living, allowing resources (rather than problems) to be passed onto our future generations. Personally, I try to bike as many places as I can, buying and eating many local foods, and conserving both electricity and water throughout my day.

I enjoy reading, swimming, watching sports and cooking.

Kyle Klausing: Community Climate Education Intern


Sustainability is the capacity of individuals and communities to combine both a high quality of life that endures for future generations with a respect for our natural environment and the resources it contains. While things like energy conservation and organic gardening are important facets of sustainability, I believe that sustainability as both a concept and a practice is something much larger. It involves a wide array of people and institutions engaged in everything from community composting to developing more efficient batteries for wind turbines. It's exciting to be a part of this effort!

I enjoy reading, biking, and conversation with friends.

Nkaujcoob Vang: Communications Intern


To be able to live in balance with the environment, people, and other species without having to create consequences for future generations: that is what sustainability is to me. Though the concept is still new to me, I am honored to be a part of a great cause, learning about new ways of being sustainable and helping others become aware of these sorts of things! I hope to help pass along the knowledge so that people can too incorporate a sustainable method of living.

I enjoy being with family and friends, listening to music, watching a good series, trying out new things.

Denisse Ziani: Implementation Intern


As Biology major for me sustainability means how biological systems are able to endure and survive. With that definition in mind for me sustainability means making sure that we as human being don't forget about those biological systems. In the world that we live today human being and me included are so preoccupied in surviving. We put all of our attention in surviving midterms, to surviving a long day at work or, even surviving a break up. In our attempt to survive our daily day activities, we sometimes damage does biological systems. For me sustainability means, being able to endure and survive this world while making sure I don't damage the world I'm living in, and its biological systems. In other world, it means making anything in my power to make sure the world I live in survives, because if he dies I by default die as well.

I enjoy anything related to the ocean.

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