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  • Sustainability at Morris
  • Sustainability at Morris
  • Sustainability at Morris
  • Sustainability at Morris
  • Sustainability at Morris

Morris is proud to work with many local, regional, and national partners across a variety of issues that mutually impact our communities.

Community Engagement and Outreach

Morris works with American Indian communities to find improved energy options.

The Morris campus is home to Center for Small Towns, where students are working on a variety of sustainability projects. For example, students engage with local groups like Stevens Forward! to help them reach carbon neutrality.

Students also engage with the Office of Community Engagement on sustainability projects in the community and on campus.

Sustainability tours give local residents and visitors the chance to learn more about the details of sustainability, share some ideas, and discuss implementing sustainability initiatives where they live and work.


Office of Community Engagement works with community groups to connect students to volunteerism opportunities and coursework in sustainability. Office of Community Engagement also works on campus and community to catalyze sustainability-related conversations.

Working with other organizations to achieve common goals, sharing knowledge, and putting our resources to work to assist others are important parts of our duty to our communities and stakeholders.

The Center for Small Towns connects students with community projects that match their interests and talent.

Green Prairie Alliance is comprised of Morris and two nearby research facilities, the West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC) and the USDA Soil Conservation Research Center.

Morris also pleased to partner with a growing list of local, state, and national organizations dedicated to sustainability: