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Campus Network

Network Upgrade Complete

Beginning summer 2011, Information Technology—working with the Office of Information Technology (Twin Cities)—upgraded the campus network. We would like to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation throughout the campus network upgrade!

The most visible change is a focus on wireless network access across campus. While traditional “wired” connections will still be available, moving to a more wireless network will make it easier to get connected wherever you are.


You should now see new wireless networks: UofM, UofM Secure and UofM Guest. Where you previously used umm-wireless to connect to the wireless network, please use UofM or UofM Secure. The Helpdesk (HFA 123) can help you with setup and questions.

Visitors to campus are now able to connect directly to UofM Guest and use their email address to sign into our network. With UofM Guest, you no longer need to sponsor a free 3-day wireless account!