University of Minnesota Morris

Residential Hall Phones

Local Service (campus dial tone) and Voice Mail are provided to each Residence Hall room or apartment. This enables free calling to the Morris local dialing areas and access to long distance calling. The fee for each semester is $20 per student. All students must supply their own phone.

Personal Authorization Codes (PAC)

A student, upon arriving on campus can pickup a personal and confidential seven digit authorization code for long distance calls placed from campus. This PAC can be picked up at the Facilities Management/Telecommunications Office located at 9 Camden Hall (lower level). The code will work from any phone on campus. Each student is billed for all calls made with his/her authorization code. Calls made by the student’s using his/her authorization code are his/her responsibility. Each student is responsible for the security of his/her authorization code. The authorization code should be kept confidential. A lost authorization code should be reported immediately to the Telecommunications Department. Any student misusing an authorization code will be fined $100.00 and may be subject to further disciplinary action.

Billing and Payment

Your monthly telephone statement is mailed to your UMM PO Box around the first of each month. The total amount is entered into you student account. You may pay your bill at the Business Office located on the second floor of Behmler Hall.


$.10 per minute Evenings and weekends
$.15 per minute Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Note: Do not send payments through campus mail.

Obscene or Harassing Calls

If you receive annoying, obscene, abusive, threatening, or harassing calls, follow these suggestions.

Hang up at the first obscene word. Hang up if the caller remains silent the second time you say hello. Remember, YOU control your telephone, not the person calling.

Do not give any information, such as your name or address, until the caller has been properly identified.

Call Campus Police immediately at 320-589-6000 and report the incident. After 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday and weekends, please call the campus officer on duty at 320-208-6500 and a police officer will be dispatched.)

Note: It is a crime under both Minnesota and Federal laws for anyone to make obscene or harassing phone calls.


If a phone in the Residence Halls or apartments is not working, the following procedure should be followed: Test a nearby phone. If it works, try it in place of the broken one. If neither phone works in the jack, the problem is probably in the jack or the phone line feeding it. In this case, notify the Telecommunications Department.

Camden 9

Note: There is no charge for repairs made to the phone line; however, if a technician is dispatched and finds that the problem is with the telephone or other student provided equipment, a service charge for the technician's time will be billed to the occupants. The technician will not repair or replace student owned equipment.