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Exams for Credit: CLEP

Registered Morris students may earn credits by obtaining satisfactory scores in one or both of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam categories: the National Standardized General Examinations and the Subject Examinations.

National Standardized General Examinations

Morris students may earn up to 32 semester credits with satisfactory scores on Standardized General Examinations in Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Science or Social Science. These credits may be counted toward the 120 semester credits required for graduation but they do not substitute for Morris courses or satisfy the residence requirement.

For each examination passed, up to eight semester credits will be entered on a student’s transcript with an S/N grade. If a student has earned college credits in the area of the examination before taking it, he or she will receive only the difference between these credits and the eight-credit maximum permitted. If a student has earned eight or more credits in the area of the examination, no credit will be granted for successful completion of the test.

Subject Examinations

Students may also earn credit by successfully passing the CLEP subject examinations, which measure achievement in specific college courses. There are more than 30 CLEP subject examinations covering the content of a variety of courses ranging from Spanish to psychology. The Morris campus allows credit for most. To earn credits, a student must meet the national qualifying score, based on a norm group of college students who have already passed the course for which the examination is intended. Interested students should look at exam options on CollegeBoard's CLEP website to select, prepare and register for exams. If you choose to take your exam at UMMorris' Test Center (Room 235, Behmler Hall, 320-589-6060), you must first register for the exam, and then schedule an exam appointment. There will be a charge for proctoring.

Students who have taken CLEP examinations elsewhere should submit an official transcript of their scores to the University of Minnesota, Morris, where they will be processed for appropriate credit allocation. Students are notified of scores received and credit granted. The Office of the Registrar makes appropriate entries on student’s transcripts when credit is granted. Qualifying CLEP exams and credit conversions at Morris »