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UMM listed among 100 best colleges for women
UMM offers an extraordinary college experience for women says Cosmo Girl! UMM is one of four Minnesota schools listed among 100 colleges nationwide in Cosmo Girl!’s 100 Best Colleges, a supplement to the October 2007 issue. Cosmo Girl! partnered with The Princeton Review this year to list 100 best schools, “each of which offers an extraordinary college experience for women. Read more at Cosmo Girl!.

Homecoming 2007: A Red Carpet Affair” continues this weekend
Homecoming 2007 – “A Red Carpet Affair” – continues through Sunday. Visit Homecoming for a complete schedule of events.

Saving the Planet…One Campus at a Time
Chancellor Jacquie Johnson and Thomas Fisher, Dean of the College of Design, Minneapolis campus, will discuss the role academia should play and what challenges exist during "Saving the Planet ... One Campus at a Time,” the first presentation by the Institute on the Environment. The event will be held October 1, 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Cargill Building for Microbial and Plant Genomics (105), St. Paul campus, UM-Twin Cities. The presentation will be available via Breeze at Saving the Planet. For more information, visit IREE.


Vicente Cabrera, Spanish, will present “My Work as Educator and Novelist” at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 9, at the Ecolab 302 Library, 645 E. Seventh Street, St. Paul campus. The presentation is sponsored by the offices of Chicano Latino student services, Equal Opportunity and Diversity and The Latinos, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month 2007.

James G. Schryver, art history, co-authored on a chapter,”The Garden,” on the excavations of the garden of "Horace's Villa" with Kathryn Gleason and Luca Passalacqua.

Michael Lackey, English, had two articles accepted for publication: “A Lie of Omission: The Narrative Function of the Ellipsis in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness” in Conradiana and “A.S. Byatt’s ‘Morpho Eugenia’: Prolegomena to Any Future Theory” in College Literature.

Greg Thorson, political science, presented his paper, "Going Negative: Candidate Gender, Negative Messages, and Surrogate Messengers in 2006 Campaign E-Mails," at the Annual Meeting of the Political Science Association in Chicago, August 30-September 2.

An interview with Ben Winchester, Center for Small Towns, titled “Today’s Rural Demographics,” was included in The Minnesota Preservationist.

Chris Butler, English, was quoted in “Helping to tell their stories” in the September 20 issue of The Independent, Marshall, Minn.

A story in the September 26 Agri News, “Research Center home to National Alternative Fuels Laboratory,” mentioned UMM. Read the story at Agri News.


Chancellor’s Open Office Hours
The next Chancellor's Open Office Hour is Friday, Sept. 28, at 2 p.m. All members of the UMM campus community are welcome to drop in and chat with the Chancellor. Please note: these hours are subject to change. It is recommended that you check the following Web site: Open Office Hours the day you plan to drop in or call the chancellor’s office at 589-6020.

Students interested in entering elementary or secondary education program
You must pass the Pre Professional Skills Test (PPST) [also known as PRAXIS I] BEFORE entering either the elementary or secondary education program. The PPST will be offered at UMM on November 17. Contact Pat Nelson, Division of Education, OR Jane Kill, Counseling, for information on registering.

Attention secondary education students planning to graduate in 2009
There will be an informational/application meeting for all Secondary Education students planning to graduate in 2009 on Monday, Oct. 8, at 1 p.m. in Science 3650. The meeting will provide information on recommendations, interviews, and deadlines for applying for admission to the program. Further information about admission requirements may be found in the University of Minnesota, Morris Catalog.

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