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Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint what you are struggling with or have questions about. UMM Wellness Center may be able to support you in making the choice that best fits your health and wellness process. Below is more information about resources available to you through the Wellness Center.

Student Counseling Staff offers the following programs either by request or scheduled throughout the school year

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

Suicide is not an everyday topic of conversation, but it may be a concern on the minds of many… How can you help? What are the warning signs? How do you know when to step in and try to assist? The goal of the program is to reduce the stigma and fears that are associated with suicide and discuss various resources available for those concerned about the risk of suicide. This presentation is for both professionals and students and is presented at the beginning of both fall and spring semesters.


Stress Management

This is a four different workshops that can be presented as a series or individually.

What is stress?
This session will focus on what stress is, how to recognize both negative and positive stress, and how pinpointing symptoms of stress will give you an opportunity to manage it better. Participants will leave the workshop with practical strategies to utilize in managing stress levels.
Time Management 101
Be better organized in academics and other parts of life. Set organization goals and accomplish them. Simplify your life and priorities.
Positively Affirming
This session will help individuals understand the need for positive affirmations and how to receive affirmation from one’s own self. Participants will leave with ways in which they can achieve positive affirmation in their life and how it aids in stress management.
Relaxation 101
Learn and practice strategies to reduce stress and anxiety through breathing , visualization, and yoga. This program is designed to give the participant simple techniques to use in short amounts of time.

Support Groups

In addition to the Depression/Anxiety psychotherapy group run out of Student Counseling, there are also several student-led support groups on campus.

Available During Office Hours

Offered by Peer Health Educators

Love, Sex and Banana Splits

A floor program coordinated with residential life staff that provides sexual health information, education and of course, banana splits.

Stress Less Program

A floor program coordinated with residential life staff that provides education and practice in reducing everyday stress. Learn a breathing exercise, make stress-balls, color and more.

Love Your Body

Education and information on healthy self-esteem, positive self-concept and body image.

Fatal Vision

Coordinated with campus police, a program offering information and education on drunk driving.