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Indicators of Distress

Sometimes friends will let you know in a direct way that something is bothering her/him by telling you about it. At other times, friends may not directly tell you that something is wrong, depending on the person and/or the situation with which they are dealing. At times like this, it is important to know what kinds of things to notice in your friends that will signal that she/he is overstressed and overtaxed.

Listed below are some categories of Indicators of Distress* with specific examples under each category. This is not a comprehensive list of all Indicators, but rather, a listing of problems that typically may occur. As you read through these Indicators, please also keep in mind the following:

Academic Indicatiors of Distress

Personal/Interpersonal Indicators of Distress

Physical Indicators of Distress

Environmental Indicators of Distress

Safety/Risk Indicators of Distress