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The International Student Program is committed to providing advising and referral services for international students and their families for any stress related or mental health issues. International Student Program often works with Student Counseling and will make referral there if mental health issues may be interfering. ISP will help you examine whether there will be any potential consequences for your immigration status.

It is not uncommon for stress and other mental health concerns to interfere with your academic goals. If you feel that you are having academic difficulties due to mental health concerns, please talk to an ISP Advisor to explore what kinds of assistance are available.

Families, Partners, Parents, and Friends of International Students

If a friend or family member of a student has concerns about the well being of that person, they should speak with an adviser at ISP. This is very important since the mental health of a student may have effects on immigration status because it may impair making successful progress towards academic goals. Sometimes the person who is having the difficulties is unwilling or unable to ask for assistance, so it is important that you help. ISP will work with you to assist the person who is having difficulties. An ISP advisor can help direct the student to the right resources on campus and in the community. Please contact ISP for more specific information. 320-589-6094