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Health Insurance

Degree seeking students enrolled for register for 6+ credits must have health insurance coverage. You can choose between these options on the Health Plan Coverage section during registration:

If you choose “I have health plan coverage that meets waiver requirements through a company other than those listed above,” you will receive an email with information on how to submit a waiver application and certificate of insurance.

If you are an American Indian student registered with and covered by Indian Health Services, choose “I have a health plan coverage that meets waiver requirements through one of the following.” Then in the fields below enter as follows:

If you’re bringing health insurance with you

If you’re bringing health insurance with you, carry a copy of your health insurance card at all times. If you’re insured through a family member’s policy, contact that insurance plan’s administrator and ask the following questions:

If you don't have health insurance

All degree-seeking Morris students registered for six or more credits are eligible to participate in the University of Minnesota Student Health and Benefit Plan and the University Supplemental Dental Plan.

For information regarding insurance deadlines contact the Office of Student Health Benefits.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Morris provides major medical insurance coverage for participants in intercollegiate athletics at no cost to participants. Participants are required to have insurance coverage that will pay for all of the first $7,500 of the medical expenses of any injury suffered while participating in games, meets, and practices. Coverage under family or other policy will not satisfy this requirement if it has a large deductible or a low maximum for such injuries.