USA Nomination Slate for 2004-2005


People filling out current terms are noted in italics

Note: because of lack of response, some committees that call for it do not have representation from all four

constituencies, i.e., AT (AFSCME Technical); AC (AFSCME Clerical); T (Teamster); CS (Civil Service)

Chair (1 year term)

Jane Kill-AC

AFSCME Vice Chair (1 year term)

Ron Kubik-AT

Teamster Vice Chair (1 year term)

Ann Williams-T

Civil Service Vice Chair (1 year term)

Rose Murphy-CS

Secretary (1 year term)

Maggie Larson-CS

Treasurer (1 year term)

Jacki Anderson-AC

Social (1 year term)

Pat Hein-AC

Maggie Larson-CS

Brenda Boever-CS

Scholarship (1 year term)

Laura Thielke-AC

Pat Hein-AC

Jayne Hacker-AC

Karen Ellis-CS

Staff Development Fund (2 year term)

Susan Schultz-AC

Maggie Larson-CS; 2nd year of term ending 6/30/05

Jacki Anderson-AC; 2nd year of term ending 6/30/05

Labor Management (2 year term)

Jane Harstad-T

Dale Livingston-AT

Jane Kill-AC; 2nd year of term ending 6/30/05

Rose Murphy-CS; 2nd year of term ending 6/30/05

Campus Resources and Planning (2 year term)

Sharon VanEps-CS

Students Services (2 year term)

Judy Riley-CS

Activities Fee Review Committee (1 year term)

Jessica Beyer-AT

Student Center (1 year term)

Rita Lambert-AC

Curriculum (2 year term)

Jeri Mullin-CS

Scholastic (2 year term)

Dorothy Dejager-CS

Academic Support Services (1 year term)

Judy Korn-CS

Minority Experience (1 year term)

Karen Ellis-CS

International Programs (1 year term)

Clare Strand-CS

Functions and Awards (1 year term)

Bonnie Tipcke-AC

Campus Assembly (1 year term)

Darla Peterson-CS

Lynn Schulz-CS

Jean Sasek-AC

Clare Strand-CS

Consultative Committee (2 year term)

Brenda Boever-CS

Rebecca Webb-AC

Mary Zosel-CS; 2nd year of term ending 6/30/05

Joyce Amborn-AC; 2nd year of term ending 6/30/05

Nominating Committee is appointed by the USA Executive Committee

The following have expressed interest:

Pat Hein-AC

Maggie Larson-CS

Jacki Anderson-AC

Karen Ellis-CS