USA Halloween 2000

Happy Halloween!

USA members made merry at their fall social event.

Just look at this studio, filled with fabulous prizes!

That's Maggie Dylla, by the way. I think all the partying this fall is getting to her.

And here's an equally scary Clare Strand.

Carol Ford showed up with a song in her heart. "I'm a Chiquita Banana and I'm here to say. . . "

Laura Thielke regretted her to decision to come dressed as husband Ray when it resulted in a trip to the proctologist. That's Jacki Anderson as Doc Proc. Can you identify her lubricant of choice?
Brenda Boever (with Nancy Erdahl) won the "UMMiest" in her vintage bowling shirt.. . .
. . . while Katie VanSickle and Nicole Tietjen proved too young for the seventies-slanted "Name that Tune" competition (hey, it was THE decade for horror films, folks!)(Nicole finally got that eighties entry, "Poltergeist.")
I find it a little disturbing that these "Name that Tune" contestants thought "Psycho" was too easy.
Guess what Shirley Miller is? Here's a hint... she's black, white, and read/red all over.
Even the students were getting into the spirit of things.
I'm your host, and thanks for shooting the NAME THAT TUNE pix, Jacki. And hey, nice work as usual, Mags.

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