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What is Liberal Arts?

The liberal arts—a renewable, sustainable education

You are at the heart of a Morris liberal arts education. A liberal arts education develops your creative, analytical, investigative, and intellectual strength. You are the focus of a liberal arts education at Morris.

The liberal arts create the renewability and sustainability—the forever—of your Morris education. Engagement in a full range of core subjects—writing, foreign language, science, history, art, social sciences, and courses in diversity–will form the framework of your Morris education and the academic foundation for your chosen major. You’ll be exposed to ideas, information, and ways of thinking that will expand your mind and your life…and lead you to your academic passion. And, you’ll be prepared for whatever your future holds—for advanced degree programs, for flexibility in your career, for lifelong learning, for citizenship in communities around the globe.

Morris students find the facts

Morris students learn how to ask the right questions and find the right data—whether the topic is the health of Minnesota lakes or what rocks in American popular culture.

Morris students connect the dots

Morris students learn that one thing leads to another. They take what they learn in one place and apply it to something else–a math class, the drawing studio, an on-campus performance, a blog, a job interview. It’s amazing.

Morris students debate all sides

Morris students learn to command a subject, to inform and persuade others. They aren't afraid to swap opinions.

Morris students write

It’s part of learning to think, to analyze, and to connect the dots for yourself and for others. It’s important. Employers need multi-talented brains, and strong communication skills are mandatory in the career world.

Morris graduates can, and do, go anywhere

Morris students grow…in knowledge, in intellectual skills, in confidence. They’ve got a double-strength elastic understanding—the kind that can define and pursue career goals as changes occur in the work world of the future. Equipped and empowered with a solid liberal arts foundation, Morris graduates can do anything and everything.