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Step 4 - Evaluate and Declare Your Major

Steps 1 – 3 have given you a chance to find out a lot about yourself, the programs that UMM offers and information on possible career paths. Now it’s time for you to put it all together!

Evaluate all of the information you have gathered in your portfolio: self assessment, research on UMM’s academic programs, and career possibilities.

Talk to your adviser about your goals and discuss what you have learned in this process. Carefully consider all of these... you should be narrowing your choices to one or two majors.

Made a decision? When you feel ready to declare your major you will need to complete a major/advisor change form. It's easy, stop by the Advising Office or complete and submit the major change form on-line.

It is important to keep your academic record up to date. So, if you have decided on a major or wish to change majors, add another major, or add a minor, please let us know! This information will be added to your record and your APAS report will provide you with accurate planning information you will need to complete your programs.

Congratulations - you have a major!