University of Minnesota Morris


When making an appointment through Google calendar, please note the course (including instructor) for which you are seeking assistance as well as what material you would like to focus on during your session in the description section.

Be prepared for the session—bring your syllabus, textbook, notes, and assignments. Tutor sessions are more productive if students have read the assigned material and attempted the assigned daily work on their own.

If you will be unable to attend the tutor session, either cancel your appointment on-line or call 320-589-6178 during business hours. If you are more than 10 minutes late, a walk-in student may utilize the slot. Students who “no call/no show” for three sessions will not be able to schedule appointments for the remainder of the semester.

Provide direction and feedback to your tutor as necessary for successful collaboration.

Strive to complete tasks independently. Tutor sessions should be one of many steps that you are taking to achieve success in a course. They do not take the place of attending lectures/labs, reading assigned material, completing suggested problem sets, participating in study groups, and visiting professor office hours.

Contact the Office of Academic Success at 320-589-6178 with any questions or concerns.