University of Minnesota Morris

Scheduling Exams & Responsibilities

Students who will be taking exams in the Office of Academic Success (OAS) must know their responsibilities and follow our policies.

Testing Information for Students

Before a student takes his or her first exam in the OAS he or she must receive the following information:

General Information

You must schedule your exam online through the OAS Google Calendar

Tests are proctored during regular office hours M–F 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. The last appointment for testing needs to be made before 4 p.m. If a test needs to be scheduled after 4 p.m. please contact us to make the necessary arrangements. During finals week the hours increase and follow the campus finals week schedule, be sure to consult this information.

Time allowed for exams is determined by the OAS Coordinator and follows established guidelines of either time and one half, or double time.

Unlimited time for exams is not considered an accommodation. Only the instructor/faculty member of the specific course may request unlimited time for an exam.

Communicating with Instructors

Prior to the date of the exam, the student is encouraged to speak to the faculty member about how best to reach them should the student have questions about exam content. However, our office policy is as follows:

If the student cannot take the exam at the scheduled time, they must speak with the instructor about rescheduling it. The instructor must communicate his or her wishes about rescheduling directly to the OAS.

If the instructor fails to provide a copy of the exam to the OAS by the scheduled date and time of the exam, OAS staff will reschedule the exam at the student’s convenience. The instructor will receive an e-mail notification indicating that he or she has failed to provide OAS with the exam and informing them of the rescheduled date and time.

Before/while testing:

Students should arrive ready start their exams at the scheduled time.

Electronic devices and personal belongings must be left in area designated by OAS staff. You may not access them during the test unless specifically noted and documented by professor.

Students are expected to remain in their testing area until they have completed the exam. If they have to leave for any reason, they must check in with the OAS staff. Students must check back in prior to returning to their exam.

Students will be allowed bathroom breaks during exams. Any other breaks will only be allowed at the discretion of the OAS Director. This does not extend the time allowed for the exam.

Questions Regarding Test/Test Information

If a student requires extra time on an exam, it will need to be scheduled at a time when the student can complete it in one sitting. Students may not leave the testing area for class, meetings or appointments unless special arrangements have been made with the faculty member and the OAS Director/Designee ahead of time.

If a student has questions about word meaning; sentence structure; exam content they may speak with the OAS Director or Designee.. If the OAS Director/Designee is unavailable, the student should write down their answer on a separate sheet of paper, write their question, and explain why they answered the question as they did. At their discretion, the OAS Director/Desginee can contact the instructor. This does not extend the time allowed for the exam.

Additional Testing Policies

If the student would like to begin a scheduled exam early, they can do so under the following circumstances: the OAS already has the exam, and the student will be seated in the testing area when the rest of the class begins the exam.

If any member of the OAS staff happen to see a student engaging in behavior that might be cheating, he or she will report their observations to the OAS Director. The OAS Director must report any suspicious activity to the faculty member.

Many students prefer to take an exam in a room by themselves, but this may not always be possible. We will accommodate as many students in this way as we can, but testing space may need to be shared with another student.

Finals Week Policies

During finals week, the OAS Testing Center will be open from 8:00am to 8:00pm to accommodate the UMM campus finals week schedule.

If a student requires extended time and they have two or more exams scheduled for the same day they can ask the OAS Director/Designee to petition the faculty to reschedule. OAS is not responsible for scheduling exams to accommodate personal schedules, nor can they require faculty to give exams early.

Space is extremely limited in the OAS during finals week. As a result, it is imperative that students arrive at their scheduled exam time. If this is not possible, the student should immediately contact the OAS Office.