University of Minnesota Morris

Test Anxiety

Test anxiety, in and of itself, is not a disability that qualifies for academic accommodations. However there are ways to work with text anxiety and be successful . UMM Student Counseling Services x6060 is an excellent resource if Test Anxiety Management strategies do not work for you.

The first step is to distinguish between two types of anxiety. If your anxiety is a direct result of lack of preparation, consider it a normal, rational reaction. However, if you are adequately prepared but still panic, “blank out”, and/or overreact, your reaction is not rational. While both of these anxieties may be considered normal (anyone can have them) it is certainly helpful to know how to overcome their effects.

What does test anxiety feel like?

If you are not able to bring your anxiety to a manageable level, or if you consistently experience high levels of anxiety prior to and during tests and exams, you are strongly advised to seek assistance at UMM’s Student Counseling Services x6060.

Controlling Test Anxiety

You can take control of test anxiety so that your performance on a test reflects your real standing in that course. If interfering levels of test anxiety persist, however, talk to a counselor for some specialized help.