University of Minnesota Morris

Temporary Disabilities

Temporary Disabilities are not covered under the Americans with Disabilities Acts (ADA) or Americans with Disabilities Acts Amendment of 2008 (ADAA) for education, so services and accommodations are not always guaranteed.

Temporary issues are assessed through the Office of Academic Success by the Disability Resource Center Coordinator to determine whether or not you can register in the Office of Academic Success for the Disability Resource Center and if you will benefit from accommodations based on your temporary injury/disability. The same process for all other disabilities applies; including registration and documentation processes.

Not all temporary disabilities are covered and therefore not all temporary disabilities can have accommodations made for. The most common type of temporary disability which if often accommodated for is a temporary mobility impairment (such as broken bones or surgery), but there are others. If you feel you have a condition that requires accommodations contact the Office of Academic Success, or UMM Student Counseling Services (320-589-6060) for temporary psychological information. Be prepared to have documentation from a registered medical diagnostician to apply for registration and services.