University of Minnesota Morris

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is located on the main level (2nd floor) of Briggs Library, Rm 240, in the Office of Academic Success.


All students are assigned to an adviser and are encouraged to meet with them often.

Students can change advisers if they decide to pursue a different major.

To complete your degree, you must fulfill

  • General education requirements (GERs)
  • At least one set of requirements for a major

Review academic programs

  1. Exploring Major Options
  2. Changing Your Major, Minor, and/or Adviser
  3. Suggestions for Academic Success at Morris



Morris uses a faculty adviser model that provides students opportunity to connect with and be guided by renowned faculty. The Academic Advising program supports the work of the faculty advisers and others by providing materials and resources while serving as a center for academic planning support.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Academic Advising Program is to support student learning as well as major and minor interest exploration while providing opportunities to promote personal and academic growth for both faculty advisers and students.

Advising Goals

  1. Assist students in understanding the scope of their liberal arts education and reach the curricular goals of their academic programs
  2. Empower students to make well-intentioned and strategic decisions about their education
  3. Recognize and appreciate the individual differences and needs of students
  4. Promote skills for personal development and sustained learning