University of Minnesota Morris


The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in Anthropology

  1. Because we have such a small number of faculty most of our classes are only offered once a year, so there is little or no flexibility in taking courses in fall vs. spring semester.
  2. Students can get their SS, SCI-L, HDiv, ENVT, IP, and E/CR requirements by taking classes within the major, so in the first year students should focus on other GERs.
  3. The Anthropology checkpoint chart is accurate.
  4. We are in the middle of a major transition (we’ve had complete faculty turn-over in seven years) so the list of electives is in constant flux and the major itself may change in the near future, depending on future hiring decisions. Don’t assume current electives will be offered in the future.
  5. My best advice: take advantage of the hands-on research opportunities available in Anthropology, both in and out of the classroom. Talk to a faculty member early in your career so they know you are interested in such opportunities.