University of Minnesota Morris

Communication, Media, and Rhetoric

The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in Communication, Media, and Rhetoric

  1. Communication, Media, and Rhetoric (CMR) provides both the intellectual and practical skills to compete in today's and tomorrow's job market.
  2. The prerequisite course for all advanced courses in the major is CMR 1101, Introduction to Theories of Communication, Media, and Rhetoric. The class is offered every fall. Seats are set aside for incoming first year students.
  3. CMR majors should complete Public Speaking and Analysis (CMR 1042, 4 credits) and Introduction to Interpersonal Groups (CMR 1062) as early as possible. Seats are set aside in each course for first year students.
  4. The 8 credits of electives in each topic area of CMR should be completed before the senior year. Also, usually during the fall semester of the senior year, students should take Advanced Public Speaking (CMR 4152) to help prepare them for the senior seminar presentation.
  5. The CMR capstone is a year-long sequence and should be taken in the senior year. The fall semester is devoted to generating an effective topic for study and working on professional development issues. During the spring semester, students complete the project working with an individual professor. Unlike the model in some majors, students, with the assistance of faculty, generate and complete their own projects.