University of Minnesota Morris

Human Services

The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in Human Services

  1. The required introductory classes needed for HMSV are: a) Intro to Sociology, Soc 1101 OR Intro to Cultural Anthropology, Anth 1111; b) Intro to Psychology, Psy 1051 and c) American Government and Politics, Pol 1201. It is recommended that these courses be taken during the freshmen year or during the first semester of the sophomore year. These courses serve as prerequisites for the Psy and Soc research methods courses, required upper division courses in the major, and the Introduction to the Human Services course, HMSV 3001.
  2. HMSV 3001, Introduction to the Human Services, can be taken during the freshmen or sophomore year, but juniors and seniors may also take the course. It is not a prerequisite for any upper division course in the major. The prerequisite for HMSV 3001 is any one of: Soc 1101; Anth 1111; Psy 1051 or Pol 1201.
  3. Students must take a research methods course, either Sociology 3103 or Psychology 2001. Statistics 1600 is required for Psy 2001, but not for Soc 3103. Note that while either course is accepted for the human services degree, for many upper division psychology courses, Psy 2001 is a prerequisite.
  4. One four credit internship is required for the major. All internships are supervised by Dr. Heather Peters, 20B IH,, 320-589-6217.
  5. HMSV has four tracks or subfields that students may specialize in; General HMSV, Criminal Justice, Social Justice, and Human Development. Depending on the career goals of the student, they will concentrate on one of those tracks.

Human Services Sample Plans