University of Minnesota Morris

Latin American Area Studies

The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in Latin American Area Studies

  1. Anyone interested in LAAS as a major must register with the LAAS coordinator (spring 2015, Donna Chollett; fall 2015 onward, Stacey Aronson). In addition to required courses, students must complete 20 electives credits for majors and 16 credits for minors in 3 different disciplines. Thus, LAAS compliments many majors; explore a wide range of opportunities to become familiar with Latin America’s diversity.
  2. The only prerequisite/sequence for LAAS is 2 years of Spanish, which may be taken prior to declaring LAAS your major. Students may have a 2 course overlap with Spanish courses.
  3. The LAAS 3201 Bibliographic Tools and Journals in LAAS and the LAAS senior capstone course (LAAS 4901) may be taken either fall or spring
  4. LAAS does not require, but highly recommends study abroad in Latin America. A number of internships, field schools, and research opportunities are available in both the US and Latin America. UMM hosts a number of venues such as Jane Addams, Spanish Conversation Table, United Latinos, and Vamos Juntos.
  5. Please note that some suggested classes are not updated and/or some are or will no longer be available. LAAS has a number of new course additions. Contact Stacey Aronson for more information.