University of Minnesota Morris


The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in Physics

  1. As is often true in science programs, it is important to take the right courses in the correct sequence. Speak to a physics faculty member early in your first semester.
  2. Math placement is important. Most students should complete Calculus I in fall of the freshman year.
  3. Engage in research early, and often. Opportunities are best found by talking to your physics faculty as early as you can. Research opens doors for you to present at conferences, to find your areas of interest and strength, and to build contacts.
  4. If you find enjoyment in mathematics, in experimental work, in programming, and/or in other kinds of problem solving, the physics major has options for you.
  5. The skills acquired in the physics program lead to careers in engineering, IT, education, research and development, other STEM fields, law, medicine, often with graduate or professional studies in these various fields. Build a good working relationship with the physics faculty to discuss options and strategies that fit your strengths and interests.

Physics Sample Plans