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The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in Psychology

  1. Take Introduction to Psychology (Psy 1051), Introduction to Statistics (Stats 1601), and Research Methods in Psychology (Psy 2001) during your freshmen or sophomore year. Psy 1051 and Stats 1601 can be taken concurrently and are prerequisites for Psy 2001. All three are prerequisites for some upper division Psychology courses and they are all offered both fall and spring semesters.
  2. Courses required in the major can cover the following Gen Eds:
    • Psy 3611 History of Psychology: Hist
    • Stat 1601 (and other statistics courses): MSR
    • Psy 3221 Behavioral Biology of Women: Sci w/o Lab
    • Psy 3201 Comparative Psychology and Psy 3211 Biological Psychology: Sci with lab
    • Psy 3403 Developmental Psychology III and Psy 4102 Intro to Professional Conduct: ECR
    • Psy 3404 Culture and Human Development and Psy 3542 Multicultural: HDiv
      • Note: Psy 3051 (Psy of Women and Gender, HDiv) is not currently offered
  3. The senior seminar must be taken during the senior year unless there is a really good reason to take it as a junior (NSE, study abroad, etc.). Multiple sections are offered fall and spring on various topics. Emails are sent out to juniors and seniors along with a link to categorize preferences for seminar topics both fall and spring.
  4. Planning on graduate school eventually? You will need three letters of recommendation so get to know several professors well by working for them, doing research, etc. Become involved in research ASAP!
  5. If you have an idea about what kind of psychology you would like to do, get as many experiences as you can in that field (summer employment, internships, field experiences, research experiences, etc.)

Psychology Sample Plans