University of Minnesota Morris

Social Science

The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in Social Science

  1. If you to enter the Secondary Education program, you may need to finish the major in three years.
  2. It would be wise to take care of core courses within the first two years. You need not take courses in any specific order but be aware that core courses are not necessarily offered every semester.
  3. Your sub-plan is the same as a minor in one of the social science disciplines. Plan your sub-plan early (preferably, in your second year) and ensure that you cover all of its requirements.
  4. Because you may need to finish course work in three years, it is attractive to look for courses, such as on-line classes or summer-school courses that may substitute for our core. This can be difficult or risky and it is best to check with the discipline coordinator if you think a course might substitute.
  5. If your career plan is to teach social studies, then you should pick courses and a sub-plan which will make a more effective teacher.