University of Minnesota Morris

Sport Management

The top 4 things to consider when planning a major in Sport Management

  1. SSA 2302, the required “Introduction to Sport Management “course has changed from 2 to 4 credits.
  2. Additionally, SSA 2302 is now a required prerequisite for any SSA Sport Management required courses above SSA 2302. Right now, it is only offered in the fall of each academic year.
  3. SSA 3172 is now the required “Leadership” course for the major, replacing the previous MGMT course that is no longer being offered. *SSA 3172 used to serve as an elective in SSA but now is required for degree completion.
  4. SSA 2403 is a new course added in fall 2016: “Gender & Sexuality Issues in Sport” (2 cr); this course may be substituted (with discipline Coordinator approval) to replace the required SSA 2401 “Sociological Aspects of Sport” (2 cr); SSA 2403 is currently only being offered during the fall semester of even years.

Sport Management Sample Plans