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Morris Connect

Morris Connect

Morris Connect is an alumni and student networking tool that offers participating Morris alumni and students the ability to network and develop relationships with one another 24/7/365! This closed, secure system, sponsored by gifts from Morris alumni and friends, provides members access to information and the ability to network with one another when it is convenient for them. Morris Connect is a closed, secure, benefit for Morris alumni and students only. Join Morris Connect today!

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Access the Professional Network

Connect with Morris alumni in the area of your career interest for questions and advice. Members can search the system using a broad range of fields that will allow them to establish informal relationships while discussing life after Morris and career experiences.

Facebook and Text Message Reminders

Connect your Morris Connect account with Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to receive text message reminders, and stay up-to-date with all your networking commitments and upcoming opportunities.

Morris Connect Expectations

Student Expectations

  • Students are expected to initiate contact with alumni.
  • Show respect and appreciation for the time and knowledge given to you with thank you notes and/or emails noting your appreciation.
  • Take responsibility to maximize this opportunity.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor at all times.
  • Respond to communication with alumni within a respectable timeframe of receiving. If you cannot respond in depth because of time constraints within a professional time period, send a brief message explaining that you will make contact as soon as possible.
  • Contribute equally to the relationship by suggesting goals and topics of interest to you. Help the alumni contacts to help you.
  • Be proactive in communicating with alumni.
  • Communicate questions, issues or feedback to the Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving,, 320-589-6066.

Alumnus Expectations

  • Maximize this opportunity to make a difference.
  • Students are expected to initiate and maintain contact with alumni; however, some students may need coaching. Outline your expectations for student initiative. Alumni initiate contact with other alumni.
  • Communicate questions, issues or feedback to the Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving,, 320-589-6066.
  • Notify students if there is a change in your availability and you are no longer able to participate on Morris Connect.

Attributes of a Successful Student on Morris Connect

  • Takes responsibility for career development and setting personal goals
  • Recognizes that failure happens and learn from it
  • Acts with respect, appreciation and politeness
  • Willing to give as much as he or she takes
  • Open to different perspectives
  • Willing to take reasonable risks
  • Communicates and engages
  • Asks for help, addresses conflict, accepts feedback
  • Inquisitive, eager to learn, proactive and responsive

Attributes of a Successful Alumnus on Morris Connect

  • Asks great questions to elicit student/alumni problem solving
  • Presents an approachable and safe demeanor
  • Delivers feedback constructively
  • Thinks creatively and does not try to mold
  • Provides encouragement and pushes for excellence
  • Does not preach
  • Responsive, engaging and accountable
  • Accepts feedback and addresses conflict