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For Parents

The world of work is rapidly changing. Globalization of the economy, technology growth, and organizational changes will mean that your son or daughter may encounter work experiences and career paths much different than those available to you.

Career development has become a life-long journey. We realize that each individual must take responsibility for finding their own path or new ones.

With you help, our mission is to become the key that your son or daughter uses to open the new doors that will constantly cross their ever changing career path.

As a parent, you are one of our most important assets. No matter how many times we are able to meet with, talk with or guide your son or daughter, we can never know them as you do. You know their hopes and dreams, their talents and weakness that will influence their decision making.

Career planning has become a dynamic, developmental process that occurs over the lifetime of the individual. We would like your help in encouraging your son or daughter to think of their career path as one they are creating themselves. We encourage you to become involved in the transition called college life that will eventually release them into the world of their own making.

We encourage you to contact and assist our office over the next few years.

Making the transition easier




Parent Four Year Checklist
During your child’s undergraduate college experience there are certain steps you can take at timely points in their college life to help insure their success. These steps are included in this checklist for your use.
What Parents of Prospective College Students Should Know
Get insight into 10 career-related items so you can help your son or daughter plan for a career.
A Career Planning Course for Parents
A helpful year-by-year planning tool that is geared towards students who have not chosen a major yet.
Help Your New Grad Find a Job
As parents of graduates facing a tough job market, what can you do to assist your son or daughter in transitioning from the secure world of classes and residence halls to the unknown reality of what lies ahead?