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School districts throughout the country now readily accept “self-managed (sometimes called candidate-managed)” credentials submitted directly by the applicant. Many colleges/universities and their teacher candidates have operated successfully with this system for several years. As a result, it is more efficient to have teacher candidates assume the responsibility of managing their own credentials during the job search, rather than having them maintained and assembled by the Career Services.

Advantages of Managing Your Own File

Self-Managed Credentials

Self-manage your credentials by keeping updated copies of the following suggested items on hand to share with districts as you apply for jobs:

As an alternative, you may choose to self-manage your credentials by using an on-line commercial service to store documents and enable school districts/employers to view your credentials on-line and/or send “official copies” directly to the employer. ReferenceNow is a system which is privately owned/operated. The UMM Career Services does not endorse any commercial credential file service.