University of Minnesota Morris

Dealing with Rejection

That time of year is here—I mean “rejection letter time.” It happens to everyone (well, almost everyone!)…

It’s important to realize that as a job seeker, you will go through many stages. Sometimes you will be excited, other times you will be down. This is common and normal. Some job seekers go through this kind of pattern.


Limbo. Waiting for some response, any response. Everyone's waiting for some direction, some feedback. The tension builds, and all of a sudden students seem to put their whole life into the hands of the recruiters. All of a sudden students aren't in control, someone else is!


Rejection. This is an awful experience—depression sets in!


Anger. Sometimes students start blaming their profs, the recruiters, the placement office.


Discouragement. After anumer of interviews and rejections, it seems a lot easier to give up and stop the job search process altogether.


Regroup. After a period of cooling off, students frequently gain a fresh perspective and have the energy and optimism necessary to start again and be persistent until the efforts pay off.

How can you get through this? Well, just knowing there's a light at the end of the tunnel may help. Did you know that 6 to 9 months after graduation most graduates who seek employment are employed?

Here are some suggestions to follow while you are looking: