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Curriculum Committee Form B:

Discipline Objectives and Requirements


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Date: 9/29/04 

Discipline/Division: African American Studies Minor/ IS



I.   Introductory Statement:       

This is an interdisciplinary minor under the authority of the vice chancellor for academic affairs and dean. The program is administered by the coordinator of African American Studies.


African American experience and culture are central to American experience and culture, and an understanding of the latter is incomplete without an understanding of the former. The African American Studies minor is designed to allow students of all racial and ethnic identities both to concentrate on African American issues and to integrate their understanding of those issues into the broader context of American and African history and culture. The minor offers an interdisciplinary and interdivisional curriculum that enables students to explore a variety of intellectual approaches and to make methodological and thematic connections and comparisons among those several approaches.


II.  Objectives:      

The objectives of the African American Studies minor are (1) to familiarize students with the variety, depth, and significance of African AmericansÕ contributions to American culture; (2) to enable students to see and appreciate the many African American points of view of history, society, politics, literature, art, and music; (3) to help students connect the African American experience to the broader context of Africa and the African diaspora; (4) to develop studentsÕ understanding of the nature of race and the dynamics of race and racism particularly in the United States; and (5) to give students a grasp of some of the methodological and intellectual approaches to a broad and multifaceted area of study.


III.            Assessment:      

Each instructor will grade students independently in her/his courses, using exams, term papers, class presentations, class discussion, or any other evaluative tool that the instructor chooses to use.


IV. Requirements for a Major: NA


V. Requirements for a Minor:

Students are required to take a minimum of six courses in at least three different disciplines. At least four of the six courses must be devoted primarily to African American content. As many as two of the six courses may deal in part with African American content. Courses in which a student earns a D or lower do not count toward the minor.


Courses with PRIMARILY African American Content

ArtH 3241 African American Art

Engl 2041 Introduction to African American Literature

Engl 3331 African American Literature

Hist 3302 Colonial and U.S. History Before 1860: African American History to 1865

Hist 3356 U.S. History since 1860: Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1974

Hist 3357 U.S. History Since 1860: African American History Since 1865

Soc 3251 African Americans


Courses with PARTIAL African American content or relevant African content

Engl 3301 U.S. Multicultural and Multiracial Literatures

Fren 1311 West African Francophone Cinema

Fren 3041 FRS: Francophone Worlds

Fren 3042 FRS: Contes Francophones

Fren 3043 FRS: Littˇrature migrante

Hist 3004 Africa to 1700

Hist 3005 Africa since 1700

Hist 3301 Red, White, and Black: Race/Culture in Early America

Hum 1311 West African Francophone Cinema

Pol 3262 American Politics: Minorities and Public Policy

Pol 3506 Government and Politics of Africa

Soc 2101 Systems of Oppression

Soc 3121 Sociology of Gender

Soc 3141 Sociology of Deviance

Soc 3200 Variable Topics in Social Stratification

Spch 3203 Variable Topics in Public Address: African American and Female Discourse


VI.            Requirements for Teacher Preparation: NA     


VII. Other heading (include heading title):